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2018 Spring Outing

The 2018 Spring Outing will be held on Sunday, July 8th, at 7 Lakes Golf Club. All groups will tee off from the first tee. First tee time will be 8:04AM. Registration is now OPEN!

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RTP Golf League : Spring 2015 Outing Results

2015 Spring Outing at River Ridge Prize Winners


Closest to the Pin #2:  Steve Smith

Closest to the Pin #17:  Tom West


Longest Putt #10:  Todd West

Longest Putt #18:  Mike Gilliam


Flight 1           

1st Place :  Giles, Smith, West, West(62)

2nd Place :  Seiple, Laskin, Seiple, Morton (62)

2nd Place :  Watt, Peckham, Yozzi, Holleman (62)


Flight 2           

1st Place :  Quick, Allcott, Swanson, Curtis (64)

2nd Place :  Goodwin, Goodwin, Goodwin, Barney (65)

3rd Place :  Williams, Ash, Bachelor (67)