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Falls Village Monday : League News


2022 Event 4 Highlights

Low Gross:   
Thomas Peckham - 37
Low Net:   Thomas Peckham - 27

Closest to the Pin, Front:    Thomas Peckham
Closest to the Pin, Back:   Timothy Owen

Event 4 Results
Current Temperature: 55   Current Humidity: 89%
Monday Night Coordinator:   Scott Lane


League Start Date Changed to April 18th

We were informed that the week of April 11th is Spring Break for many of the schools in the area and might present a challenge for many of our members to make opening night. As a result, opening night for the league this year has been moved to Monday, April 18th.


Regular Season and Playoff Champions for 2021

Congratulations to the 2021 Regular Season and Playoff Champions

2022 Season Special Rules

A recap of the special rules we're employing for this season is provided below.

Winter Rules - We will continue the rule we have always had in our leagues where you are allowed to move your ball one club length, no closer to the hole, on any lie. The only exceptions are when you ball rests in a water hazard, out of bounds, or is on the green. In those cases, normal USGA rules apply unless noted otherwise below. Water hazards are marked with either red or yellow stakes. An explanation of the difference is provided below. Please note that you cannot move your ball from the rough to the fairway or from off the green to on the green.

One difference we have noted after moving from Lakeshore to Falls Village is that Falls Village has a number of hazards defined by red or yellow stakes that do not involve water. The area to the right of the cart path on #18 is a good example of that. For any marked hazard that is clearly not a water hazard, you may apply the one club length rule without penalty.

Sand Traps - Free relief may be taken from any sand trap on the course. You may take a free drop anywhere within two club lengths of the trap as long as it is no closer to the hole.

Lost Ball - The penalty for a lost ball will be one stroke. Once you declare your ball lost you may drop a ball within two (2) club lengths of where the ball is believed to have been lost, no closer to the hole, take a one stroke penalty, and hit your next shot. If the ball was lost in the woods or a waste area, the ball may be dropped within two club lengths of where the ball entered or crossed the margin of the tree line or waste area, not where you think it may have ended up. Also, if your ball is lost in the vicinity of nearby OB stakes, you must presume the ball is OB and play your next shot accordingly. I am trusting that everyone can use their best judgment about what is meant by vicinity of nearby OB stakes. Good news is, there is very little OB on this course so this won't come into play on many holes.

Balls Hit Into Woods - We are again asking everyone to use the suggestion we gave last year when you hit your ball into the woods. Searching for balls hit into the woods continues to be our #1 pace of play issue. We had hoped that reducing the penalty to one stroke for a lost ball would help here. And while it did, I still get some complaints about people taking a long time to search for balls. So we're again asking everyone to do the following this season if they hit their ball into the woods.

This is being implemented as a suggestion/request, not a hard and fast rule. You can use your own discretion when to do this as well. For example, if you know your ball just trickled into the woods where you will likely be able to find it quickly there would be no need to hit a provisional. But if it may have gone in fairly deep, or you heard it hit something on its way in, that is when you should hit the provisional shot before searching.

15th Hole - If you hit your drive on hole #15 into the water from the white tees, you must take a one stroke penalty, then re-tee and hit your third shot from the Senior Tees. Any other hole where you must take a shot over water, we will be using the standard league rule of a maximum of two balls in the water, after which you drop a ball on the other side.

Senior Tees - Men 62 or older may hit from the Senior Tees denoted as teh Red/White Hybrid tees on the Falls Village Scorecard. Please note that you are not required to use the Senior tees if you qualify by age. This would be a personal decision you make yourself based on your skill level and distance you get off the tee.

Yellow vs. Red Hazards

It has come to my attention that everyone may not understand the proper place to take a drop from a marked hazard be it water or otherwise. Where you drop depends on the color of the stakes marking the hazard. For this discussion we'll use an example of a water hazard, but the same rules apply for marked ditches, waste areas, etc.

A water hazard marked with yellow stakes denotes a standard water hazard. If you hit your ball into a water hazard marked by yellow stakes, you have three options:

One area I've been told where this rule has been misinterpreted is when you ball lands on the other side of the hazard, but then rolls back into it. A good example is hole #16 at Lakeshore that all long time members know so well. If your tee shot on that hole landed on solid ground on the other side of the water, or hit the tree, and then rolled back into the water, you should have either re-teed and hit another tee shot, or dropped your ball in front of the water (Option 2 above) to hit your third shot. You would not have been allowed to take a drop on the green side of the water.

A hazard marked with red stakes is a lateral hazard. If you hit your shot into a lateral water hazard, you must identify the spot the ball crossed the margin of the hazard then drop your ball within two club lengths of that location to hit your next shot.

For both hazards, a one stroke penalty is assessed. As mentioned previously, if it's possible to play the ball from within the hazard you may do so. However, you cannot move the ball, and you cannot ground your club during any practice swings.

2021 Season Information

The league will begin play on Monday, April 12th. This may be subject to change depending on weather or course conditions.

We will not be playing Memorial Day week (May 31st) or July 4th week (July 5th). The season will be 16 weeks followed by playoffs. The top 12 teams in the standings will be eligible for the playoffs. Trophies are awarded to regular season and playoff champions.

Closest to the Pin (CTTP)

As in past years we will be offering a Closest to the Pin (CTTP) competition this season. Participation is optional. Cost will be a onetime payment of $10 (cash) for the season. Payouts will be determined based on the number of participants. If you would like to participate you can see me at the course (I will be in the clubhouse until ~5pm as well as at the end of the night the first night) to pay your $10. If you are going miss the first night, please send me an email letting me know that you plan to participate. My preference this year is to use PayPal for both your $10 payment as well as to send payouts. However, if you prefer to pay cash that is fine as well. Please note that you will not be eligible to win closest to the pin unless I have either received payment from you OR you have informed me either verbally or via email that you plan to participate and promise to pay next time you see me. CTTP for the first half of the season will be hole #3 on the front nine and hole #14 on the back nine. The second half of the season the holes will be #6 and #16.

Weather Cancellations

Communication about cancellation of league play due to weather will be made via email as well as on the announcements section of the Monday night web page. I will make weather decisions based upon the best information available in the 2:30PM to 3:00PM timeframe on Mondays. I will strive to send out a play/no play email on questionable nights by 3:00PM. Making weather decisions is the most difficult part of the coordinator job as storms can pop up at any time during hot summer afternoons. Our intent is not to cancel unless we absolutely have to but player safety is my #1 priority, and I have yet to find anyone who actually enjoys playing golf in the rain. So I hope you'll keep that in mind on any night I cancel golf when the radar shows nothing but yellow and red at 3PM but is clear at 4:30PM.

When an event is cancelled due to weather, the schedule simply moves out one week. So the opponent, tee time, and course for your match on the night of the rainout will be moved to the following week, and all subsequent events will also move out one week.

We will be employing a new policy this year for nights where we have to cancel a round due to weather after it has started.


Announcements, Results, Standings, Etc.

Announcements, results, standings, and other information specific to the Monday night league will be posted on the Monday night web page (http://ntrtpgolf.org/fallsvillagemon/index.php). Results will typically be posted by 11PM on Monday night. League wide announcements are sent via email but will also be posted on the Monday page for your convenience. If you have any suggestions for additions or changes to the website, please let me know and I will do my best to implement them.

For new members to the league this year there is a feature available on the Monday night page where you can display your team schedule for the year (http://ntrtpgolf.org/lakeshorewed/pschedule_select.php). The personalized schedule page includes a link to a calendar file that can be used to add the event to your calendar. My recommendation is that you add only the next upcoming event to your calendar each week. The reason is these calendar events will not auto-update. So if you add multiple or all 16 events, and we then have a rainout, you will need to modify all the calendar events for the remaining matches manually.

Cost to Play

The cost to play in the league is $22/night. This includes a $15 green fee and a $7 cart fee. Walking is allowed. Unlike past seasons you will NOT prepay green fees up front for each half of the season. All league members and substitutes will be required to pay the $22 green/cart fee each night they play. And you won't be responsible to pay on nights you do not play.


If you are not able to play on any given night, you should arrange to have a substitute play for you. It is to your team's distinct advantage to do so. If you do not show up and did not arrange for a substitute your spot will be filled with a Ghost Player, which will make it much more difficult for your team to win many points that night. Substitute email lists are maintained on the website (http://ntrtpgolf.org/substitutes/display_substitutes.php) Substitutes must pay the full green and cart fee when they play. In anticipation that it may be more difficult to procure a substitute this season, we are eliminating the 4 'show up' points this year. This removes the 4 point penalty a team would occur if they are unable to find a substitute.

I will do my best to include the substitutes name and current handicap on the preprinted scorecards if I am notified that a substitute will be playing in a timely manner. For situations where a substitutes name is not on the preprinted scorecard please clearly print the substitutes FULL NAME on the scorecard prior to turning it in at the end of the round.

Speed of Play

Speed of play is always a major concern in our league. We have a full league this year and there are only so many hours of sunlight available. Please do your best to keep up with the group in front of you. If you are the lead group, and you are not following anyone, please do your best to set a good pace of play. Slow play will not be tolerated. This is particularly critical during the first few weeks when daylight hours can be a problem. As I will cover shortly, we have several special rules we use in this league that are designed to speed up play.

Here are a few tips to help keep the pace moving:

Arriving Late

We had some issues in previous seasons with people arriving late for their scheduled tee time. All matches MUST begin play at their scheduled tee time regardless of whether everyone has arrived, even if you know the player(s) is on the way. If you arrive late, just inform the clubhouse attendant when you pay your greens fee and they will drive you out to your group. For any holes missed, you can play them when your round is completed if one of your opponents is willing to ride along. Otherwise you will be required to take the max strokes for any hole you missed. You may switch your tee time with the group behind you if, and only if, both teams in that group are at the tee and ready to go. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Feedback Email Address

There is an email address posted on the league website where you can provide feedback in the form of questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns you have with any aspect of the league. Emails sent to that address will be forwarded to all league officers and nightly coordinators.

Special RTP Golf League Rules

For new members to the league, the league wants to make you aware of a couple of special rules we use in our league. Most of these rules are designed to help speed of play.

On Course Inclement Conditions

Falls Village will determine if the course becomes unplayable due to the amount of rain that has fallen. If a storm rolls in, use your best judgment on whether to continue, seek shelter, or stop play. I will most likely contact the golf shop if the weather becomes real bad. I will discuss the situation with Falls Village, and make a call on how we will handle the remainder of play. We do not want anyone getting hurt, so if there is lightning in the area, take cover.

10th Hole Location

It has been a tradition for this eague to meet after play at a '10th hole' location. This was not done last season due to COVID. Whether it will continue again this year is being evaluated. The venue for each week will be posted on the website. Everyone is welcome.

Complete league rules can be found on the league website. You should read these to become familiar with them before play begins next week. If you have any questions about the Monday night league feel free to email me at this address or send an email to fvmon_coord@ntrtpgolf.org.