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2019 League registration now CLOSED

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Registration for the 2018 Fall Outing is now CLOSED.

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RTP Golf League : General Information

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2018 Season Information

The big change for 2018 is our move to Falls Village Golf Club in Durham. We will be offering a single league this year that will play on Monday nights. The list below shows the most current information about the 2018 league. Please note that any item on the list below is subject to change as some details are still being finalized. Changes from standard RTP Golf League practice are hightlighted in italics.



Opening day for the Falls Village Monday night league is currently planned for April 16th.

Rule Changes for 2018 Season

Potential rule changes for the 2018 season are TBD. Please note that as always has been the case with the RTP Golf League, once the 2018 season play has begun no changes to any playing rules in effect at the start of the season will be allowed. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about any of the RTP Golf League rule you can voice those comments using the feedback email address before the season begins.


If there are any questions regarding any RTP Golf League rule please send an email to feedback@ntrtpgolf.org.

League Officers & Coordinators for 2018

League officers for 2018 are shown below. To view the duties of the office, click on the office title. To send an email to an officer, click on their name.


President Jeff Feldmann
Vice President Chris Wilson
Treasurer Doug Keltner
Monday Coordinator Jeff Feldmann
Webmaster Jeff Feldmann