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2023 Fall Outing was held on October 1st at Carolina Trace Country Club.

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Season Description

The RTP Golf League hosts a single league will plays on Monday nights at Falls Village Golf Course in Durham. Registration typically opens early to mid-March. The first two weeks of registration is reserved for returning league members from the previous season. At the end of that period, registration is opened to the general public for any remaining spots.


The season typically begins play on the second or third Monday of April. The season consists of a 16 week regular season followed by playoffs. The top 12 teams in the standings at the end of the regular season typically qualify for the playoffs, though that can change for some seasons. We play 9 hole rounds and use both the front and back nine's each night. First tee time is 4:30PM with groups teeing off on both nines at that time.


Scoring and handicapping information can be found by clicking the appropriate links on the left.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility to participate as a league member of substitute in the RTP Golf League is open to anyone who would like to play. Priority is given to returning league members from last year. This will be provided by opening registration initially to just returning members before opening to the general public. Once registration has been opened to the general public, it will become first come, first served.

A substitute can fill in as detailed in the RTP Golf League - Rules of Play. A substitute can fill in for either member of a qualified team. It is also legal to have substitutes for both members of a league team for any given league event. Anyone may register to play as a substitute in the league, though registration is not required. However, if you register, you will be put on the email list used by league members when requesting a substitute which greatly improves your changes of playing.


Falls Village League

Greens fees last season were $18 and cart fees were $7 making cost to play in the league $25/night. Payment is made each night you come to play (there is no prepayment of fees required or allowed). All players, including substitutes, are required to pay the green and cart fee when they arrive to the course.

Tee Times

Nightly League
First Tee Time
# of Tee Times
Falls Village Monday
12 (6 Front, 6 Back)