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RTP Golf League : League Scoring


This page explains the scoring system used in all matches played in the Nortel golf league. A total of 49 match points and 8 'appearance' points are awarded for each match played. These points are awarded in different ways as follows:

36 Points for holes won during match

9 Points for low individual net score

2 Points for low team match score

2 Points for low team medal score


Handicap System

In order to understand how points are awarded, you need to understand how handicaps are used. (Note: To understand how handicaps are calculated, click the Handicap System link on the left hand menu.)

For each match, strokes may be awarded to one team or the other based on the team handicap. Team handicaps are determined by adding the individual handicaps of each team member together. If one teams handicap is higher than the other teams, strokes are awarded to the team with the higher handicap. The number of stokes is determined by subtracting the the lower team handicap from the higher team handicap. These are indicated on the nightly scorecards by an 'x'.

If a team is awarded strokes, they are applied, one stroke per hole, starting with the #1 handicap hole. If the number of handicap strokes exceeds 9, a second stroke is then awarded starting with the #1 handicap hole, etc.

Example: Player 1 on team 1 had a handicap of 6, and player 2 has a handicap of 13. Team 1 has a team handicap of 19.

Player 1 on team 2 has a handicap of 13 and player 2 has a handicap of 18 for a team handicap of 31.

Team 2 is awarded a total of 12 strokes for the match (31 - 19). They will receive two strokes on the #1, #2, and #3 handicaps, and one stroke on all other holes.

Holes Won by Team - 36 Total Points Available

Four points are awarded for the best team net score for each hole. If both teams have the same net score for the hole, each team is awarded 2 points for that hole. Team net scores are determined by adding the gross scores for both players of each team to get a team gross score. If one of the teams is getting strokes on that hole, their team gross score is then reduced by the number of strokes they get on that hole to produce a team net score. This score is them compared to the other teams team gross score to determine points awarded.

Example: The players in the previous example are playing the #2 handicap hole. Player 1 on team 1 shoots a 4, and player 2 shoots a 5, for a team gross score of 9. Player 1 on team 2 shoots a 5 and player 2 shoots a 6 for a team gross score of 11. Since this is the #2 handicap hole, team 2 is getting 2 strokes on this hole So their team net score is 9 (11 - 2). Team 2's net 9 is compared against Team 1's gross 9, with the result being a tie. Each team will then be awarded 2 points.

Individual Best Ball Score - 9 Total Points

One point is awarded on each hole to the team with the individual player that has the best net score for the hole. The key here is that, although this is a point awarded to the team, it is determined solely by looking at each players individual handicap and score for a hole. Here is how it works:


Example: Here is how the point would have been determined in the previous example:


Team Match and Medal Points - 4 Points

Two team match points are awarded to the team that won the most holes for the round. If both teams won the same number of holes, each team is awarded one point. NOTE: Only the four points awarded for team net score are used to determine holes won and lost. The individual best ball score is not used. For example, your team may be awarded three points on a hole while your opponents were awarded two. The only way this can happen if the two teams split the hole, but your team had the individual with the lowest net score for that hole and was thus awarded the extra point. So while the overall hole score would be 3-2, the team net score was 2-2 and the hole would be considered split.

Two team medal points are awarded to the team with the lowest combined net score.