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2023 RTP Golf League - New Team Registration Form


Use this form if you are registering a team that did not play together as a team last year in the Falls Village RTP Golf League. You should use this form even if both players played in the 2022 league, but played with different teammates.


Returning Teams: If the team you are registering played together as a team in the 2022 Falls Village RTP Golf League last year, please use this form to register.


Single Players: If you are registering now but do not yet know who your partner will be, please click here and use this form to register. (Please do not register as a team and use a fake name for the second player. When you find a teammate, they will be able to specify they want to join your team when they register.)

Instructions: Please enter the first and last names of the players that will make up this team on the form below.



  Firstname Lastname
Player 1
Player 2